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Links to other interesting websites
...this page was for the most part with the help of Google translated

g-homeserver.com Peter Viczena and his '65 Duo Glide
(The site offers under the "Harley Davidson" a lot of technical know-how)
happy-hater-choppers.blogspot.de The Hamburger Boy Ebi defined by his side "old school"
panhead1953.blogspot.de Kai, the 53iger Panhead an his ToDoList
panheadrockz.blogspot.de Thoughts of a re-entrant in the period, in which he builds his dream bike
Who wants to build a chopper must read this informative page.
SHOVELHEAD...from one, who went forth to learn fear, because to drice a Harley consequence!
Bractwo-shovel-head.com The "Sauerland association", who are pursuing the same goal .... rumble with old furnaces through the area
Industrial & Art A collection of virtual 3d bikes projects produced by Amir Glinik developed over the past few years cover the Harley Davidson bikes and motors from 1915 to 1980 and few examples made to follow the US chopper scene available at the bikes section
www.shovelhead-bobbers.com Before choppers, there was bobbers...
nice page with beautiful bikes
www.shovelhain.de The Eleonore Projekt
story of the "reincarnation" of a 73' Shovelhead Shovelhead
www.shovelheadownersbreda.nl Shovelhead Owner Group Breda - Holland;
The shovelhead mania knows no bounds
www.harley-stuff.beep.de The side by Jochen alias "Mischirojo";
not only offers comprehensive technical tips ....
www.Harley-Domboson.nl Harley-Domboson;
a page where you can find everything
www.shovel-head.com Shovel-Head.com;
the mother of all Shovelhead web sites
www.rockbuster.info Rockbuster;
Rock`n`Roll Music for your Party


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